Walking on nucleotides

ARAGĂ“N ARTACHO, Francisco J., et al.[1] presents new ways to visualize large mathematical datasets. In particular, the paper goes into determining if a real number »

Chat Heads Clone

Developed a clone of the UI/UX of the Facebook chat heads on Android as part of the interview process at InMobi. The app basically shows »

2nd Network of BioThings Hackathon

Worked on integrating mygene.info data into the web client for CIViC: Clinical Interpretations of Variants in Cancer at the 2nd Network of Biothings Hackathon held »

NoIR Photography of a Plant

I used a Raspberry Pi along with a NoIR camera module to take photos of a plant with intervals of 10 minutes to assess the rate »

Polymer element for mygene.info

In order to explore polymer, I developed a polymer element that would retrieve and display gene summary using the mygene.info API service. The small experiment »

Fractal Trees

Trees represent the simplest of fractals. I used d3 to generate lines that would grow into a forest of trees eventually. I set the upper limit »