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Jun 2022, Scripps Research: Scripps Research and GISAID release application programming interface (API) for accessing COVID-19 variant data

May 2022, The Atlantic: The U.S. Is About to Make a Big Gamble on Our Next COVID Winter

Jan 2022, The Atlantic: Omicron Is Driving Delta Into the Ground

Dec 2021, ABC 10new: In-Depth: What is stealth omicron?

Nov 2021, CBS News: A potentially faster-spreading Delta variant, AY.4.2, has been spotted in 8 states

Aug 2021, Goats and Soda, National Public Radio (NPR): The Delta Variant Isn't As Contagious As Chickenpox. But It's Still Highly Contagious

Jul 2021, New York Times: Unvaccinated States Feel Brunt of Delta-Led Covid Uptick

May 2021, Goats and Soda, National Public Radio (NPR): Is The Variant From India The Most Contagious Coronavirus Mutant On The Planet?

May 2021, National Public Radio (NPR): A New Variant May Be The Cause Of India's COVID-19 Surge

Mar 2021, The San Diego Union Tribune: COVID-19 strain first spotted in U.K. spreading quickly, San Diego scientists report

Apr 2021, National Geographic: How this more contagious virus variant became dominant in the U.S.

Feb 2021, AP News: Experts warn against COVID-19 variants as states reopen

Feb 2021, Wired: As Coronavirus Variants Spread, the US Struggles to Keep Up

Feb 2021, Popular Science: Can Louisiana’s COVID surge trace back to one Mardi Gras reveler?

Feb 2021, ABC 10News: UK COVID-19 variant may become dominant strain in US by mid-March

Feb 2021, ABC 10News: Scripps Research offers new way to visualize the spread of variants

Jun 2020, New York Times: How the Virus Won

Aug 2019, The San Diego Union Tribune: Hidden Zika outbreak detected with new surveillance method developed by Scripps Research scientists

Aug 2019, New York Times: Zika Was Soaring Across Cuba. Few Outside the Country Knew

Aug 2019, Scripps Research: Discovery of ‘hidden’ outbreak hints that Zika virus can spread silently

The San Diego Union Tribune: Zika struck Florida up to 40 times before detection

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